Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Garnishes for Gifts

What could be prettier atop small gifts than vintage earrings or broochs? Scour vintage sales, church bazaars or thrift shops for charming possibilities. And if you've lost an earring of your own, save it to use as a gift garnish.

By choosing carefully, you can use a piece of jewellery that the recipient will want to wear, doubling your gift. If you use an earring as a garnish, consider including the other earring with the gift so the receipient can wear them later on.

Consider your giftwrap and select the perfect embellishment to coordinate or contrast beautifully.

The same set of earrings, used with different paper and ribbon creates a different style.

A little bit of sparkle never hurts, and pearls are always soft and elegant.

This informal trio has light-hearted touches. The child's gift is festooned with a tangle of paper streamers (traditionally used to ring in the New Year).

The other gifts look festive with the addition of tiny dollar-store evergreen trees, pinecones and tied with bits of jute.

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