Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ranunculus - NYC

I discovered these gorgeous ranunculus blooms in the Union Square Park Market in New York City. We came across this farmer's market by accident while walking  on a glorious spring day. It is a great market and these beautiful bouquets in salmon, coral and ballet pink were irresistible.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Central Park, NYC

The sound that I associate with New York is cars honking and the sirens of emergency vehicles. So it truly is magical to step through one of the many gates to Central Park and suddenly feel as though you have been transported somewhere else entirely. Everything is so lovely, including the building above. The sole purpose of this lovely stone building is a public toilet. How wonderful to have such a charming building serve such a necessary but often unheralded purpose. Thank you New York for your attention to appreciating the finer details and the appreciation of the beautiful and for extending it as well to the humble public restroom.  

Central Park really is an oasis of calm and beauty.

The quality of light is lovely at certain times of the day as it filters through the many large trees.

We were there in May, and were able to enjoy the last of the many flowering rhododendron bushes.

There are lots of water features to add to the tranquility, and many different vistas.

And just to remind you that you are indeed in the middle of a vibrant city, at various points you can look up and be reminded by the sight of some of New York's fine architecture.

On a cloudy day you get a wonderful atmospheric effect.

The colours of the leaves must be spectacular in the fall, but the Japanese maples do their best to add a little variety  the rest of the year.

With so many different landscapes and lovely views and its power to restore peace and calm, an interlude in Central Park is a must for any visit to New York City, in my opinion.

Little White Jug #2

With the peonies in bloom I thought it was time to bring you no. 2 in my Little White Jug series.  I don't think there is much that is more beautiful than a pink peony, except perhaps a white one. The pink are so pretty.

And even prettier up close!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Look Up in NYC!

Remember to look up in New York City! That is a great piece of advice, otherwise you can miss a whole layer of what is right before you.  Take these lovely fellows for instance, they are looking down on us, mere mortals, from great heights. Now have a look at the photo below. They are almost imperceptible, as high as they are on the building (look towards the top at the right of the building to find them). Now why put them way up there where no one can see them? Perhaps to remind those of us walking on the ground below that we are very small and that forces much larger are keeping tabs on us.

There are no end of architectural details to be seen by looking up. 

These lions and human heads, for example, at the top of this building.

There are beautiful Corinthian columns on the New York Public Library... 

as well as lovely floral details.

Looking up inside the Library is just as rewarding.

So when you are in New York City...

remember to look up!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Keuffel and Esser - NYC

In yesterday's post I teased you with a tidbit of information linking this NYC building with Montreal's Expo '67. So here's the connection...

The Keuffel and Esser building pictured here was the showroom and headquarters for the company of the same name, founded in 1867, and manufactured drafting instruments and supplies. They also carried drawing materials and surveying instruments.  It was in 1893 that this building was completed at 127 Fulton Street, an 8-story building in the Renaissance Revival style. The company occupied it until 1961.

In the 1920's they began to make slide rules, something every engineering student and engineer used and owned, until the 1970's when calculators made them obsolete. Now pay attention, because here comes the Montreal connection... in the 1960's Keuffel and Esser opened an office in Montreal and became one of the main suppliers to the big engineering firms in the province. So, guess whose engineering instruments were used to for the construction activities, to build the highways and prepare for Expo '67?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Financier Patisserie - NYC

We found this lovely cafe by accident as we wandered the streets in the financial district. It was a wonderful place to stop and rest our legs and the coffee was great. We had a delicious pastry too and while looking around, we noticed they also had a fine selection of  lunch items. We decided that we would buy salads to take down to Battery Park to eat picnic style.

While we were sipping our coffees and enjoying our pastries, and very New York scene unfolded.  The cafe is situated on a corner with windows looking out on both sides, and suddenly we heard the wail of sirens as fire trucks pulled up in all directions. Since neither the staff , nor the customers seemed the least bit ruffled, we took our cue from them and sat and watched from our window seats.

Perhaps there was something happening in the subway, whose entrance steps were located across the street. About ten minutes later the fire trucks departed. All was well thankfully.

But while we finished our coffees, I was drawn to the building at the right through the window.  It said Keuffel and Esser Co. and also the number 127, referring to its address on Fulton Street.  Little did I know then that this building has a connection to Montreal and Expo '67. Intrigued?  then read tomorrow's post to learn more!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Petrossian Bakery and Cafe, NYC

On our first day in New York City, we decided to visit Central Park and on our way there, we came across this beautiful doorway. But what caught my eye first was this gorgeous garland of pink blooms...

Above the front door, the building has intricate carving, including these two interesting creatures.

And continuing to look up, you see these sweet little fellows.

And if you continue to look up even more, the building just continues to go up and up.  And the carving continues along with it. Imagine, all that work. Perhaps a person looking out a tall building from across the street will appreciate the details. But no one at street level can see it properly. What a different attitude than today, where cost so often trumps beauty and workmanship.