Saturday, June 6, 2015

Financier Patisserie - NYC

We found this lovely cafe by accident as we wandered the streets in the financial district. It was a wonderful place to stop and rest our legs and the coffee was great. We had a delicious pastry too and while looking around, we noticed they also had a fine selection of  lunch items. We decided that we would buy salads to take down to Battery Park to eat picnic style.

While we were sipping our coffees and enjoying our pastries, and very New York scene unfolded.  The cafe is situated on a corner with windows looking out on both sides, and suddenly we heard the wail of sirens as fire trucks pulled up in all directions. Since neither the staff , nor the customers seemed the least bit ruffled, we took our cue from them and sat and watched from our window seats.

Perhaps there was something happening in the subway, whose entrance steps were located across the street. About ten minutes later the fire trucks departed. All was well thankfully.

But while we finished our coffees, I was drawn to the building at the right through the window.  It said Keuffel and Esser Co. and also the number 127, referring to its address on Fulton Street.  Little did I know then that this building has a connection to Montreal and Expo '67. Intrigued?  then read tomorrow's post to learn more!

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