Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Central Park, NYC

The sound that I associate with New York is cars honking and the sirens of emergency vehicles. So it truly is magical to step through one of the many gates to Central Park and suddenly feel as though you have been transported somewhere else entirely. Everything is so lovely, including the building above. The sole purpose of this lovely stone building is a public toilet. How wonderful to have such a charming building serve such a necessary but often unheralded purpose. Thank you New York for your attention to appreciating the finer details and the appreciation of the beautiful and for extending it as well to the humble public restroom.  

Central Park really is an oasis of calm and beauty.

The quality of light is lovely at certain times of the day as it filters through the many large trees.

We were there in May, and were able to enjoy the last of the many flowering rhododendron bushes.

There are lots of water features to add to the tranquility, and many different vistas.

And just to remind you that you are indeed in the middle of a vibrant city, at various points you can look up and be reminded by the sight of some of New York's fine architecture.

On a cloudy day you get a wonderful atmospheric effect.

The colours of the leaves must be spectacular in the fall, but the Japanese maples do their best to add a little variety  the rest of the year.

With so many different landscapes and lovely views and its power to restore peace and calm, an interlude in Central Park is a must for any visit to New York City, in my opinion.

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