Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Canadian Scene

There are not many scenes more Canadian than street hockey, especially on a snowy winter's day!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Rescue Remedy

This year we bought a utility turkey for Christmas dinner. At 75 cents per pound, it was a bargain that was just too good to pass up!

But once thawed and unwrapped, the full truth of its imperfections were revealed. What to do?

We decided that surgery was in order, a skin graft of bacon, woven in a basket pattern. Fresh sage leaves were added and then into the oven it went.

Five hours later, out it came. A turkey of rare beauty!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Christmas to You!

This vintage card sent one Christmas almost 100 years ago says it all:  "A Merry Christmas to you!"

The sender's penmanship is awe-inspiring!

And the two-cent stamp a cheery Christmas red!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Swags

Here are some of the lovely swags that were made at my 5th annual swag-making event.

Every year, a group of friends come over to make a swag for their doorway or to give to someone else.

We have a lovely afternoon, creating, conversing and enjoying some treats. Some swags are made by friends who live on my street, so I get to see them every day as I pass by. 

 At the end of the swag-making afternoon, it always amazes me how different each swag is from the other, and all so very lovely!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #20

Just one more post about my Victorian dinner party, and this one is about the head gear.  Naturally there were top hats in attendence for the gents.

This was a hat that I made for one of my guests to go with her outfit, and suited her to a T!

It was a conglomeration of velvet, silk, ribbon and feathers.

I think it looked great from every angle!

 And these last photos show the headpiece I made to go with my outfit. A combination of silky fabric, black netting and a brooch.

The fabric was actually the leftover ties from the dress that I used to make a bustle for my skirt. It is a wonderful teal colour.

And that, dear blog readers, is my Victorian dinner party, from head to toe!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #19

I thought it was about time that I showed you what I wore for the Victorian dinner party. This amazing blouse was given to me by a dear friend when I was a teen and probably dates back to the 40's or 50's. It has the most amazing ruffled and lace trimmed jabot and cuffs.

The fitted tapestry jacket with black trim was a thrift shop score just a week or so before the party.

The skirt too was a thrift-shop find.

I found a dress that had a ruffled skirt that I made into a sort of bustle. Luckily the colour in the top stripe matched the teal of the jacket.

I padded the bustle to make it stick out a little.

A view from below.

And underneath the skirt was a pair of real vintage bloomers with lovely lace trim.

And lacy tights, because you can never have too much lace!

And to complete the outfit, a pair of lace-up leather boots that I have owned for over ten years. They were perfect for the occasion.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #18

The decor for my Victorian dinner party extended to the main bathroom of our home. I hung a makeshift clothesline over the tub and hung a collection of vintage children's clothes.

Airy white cotton embroidered baby and toddler's chemises and dresses were hung with old fashioned clothes pegs.

Lots of exquisite embroidered details are there for those who take a closer look.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #17

After dinner, but before people stood up to move around, I brought out this reproduction set of of a Victorian-era game called "The Comical Game of Who?"  Cards are divided between the men and women and ridiculous questions are asked in numerical order and the response is given by the holder of the next consecutive card.  It is an innocent game with wording that provides a sense of Victorian attitude. With everyone feeling relaxed and well fed, all got into the spirit of the game and was actually great fun, resulting in lots of laughter, mostly as there were several hams in the room and because of the game's silliness factor.

After the game of Who?, the men retired to drink cognac or brandy, and the ladies with their liquers sat down to have a tarot card reading and a reading using special flower spirit cards, both in keeping with the spiritualism that was sop popular in Victorian times. It also worked very well with the Halloween timing.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #16

This lovely two-volume set of  Le Marchand d'antiquites, the French version of Charles Dickens's The Old Curiosity Shop was published in Paris in 1942. It was a hostess gift given to me by friend R. at my Victorian dinner party. How wonderfully appropriate was that, and I pressed into service as part of the decor immediately.

A stamp on the title page reveals that it was part of  the "Location de livres francais et anglais" in Paris at one time...

with its location on the shelf marked by the consecutive nos. 523 and 524 on labels affixed to the spine.

There are lovely marbled covers clearly showing a well worn patina...

as do the covers' edges and wavy pages. All of these signs of its age come together to make a beautiful artifact, which exudes the feeling a past time.