Thursday, November 21, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #17

After dinner, but before people stood up to move around, I brought out this reproduction set of of a Victorian-era game called "The Comical Game of Who?"  Cards are divided between the men and women and ridiculous questions are asked in numerical order and the response is given by the holder of the next consecutive card.  It is an innocent game with wording that provides a sense of Victorian attitude. With everyone feeling relaxed and well fed, all got into the spirit of the game and was actually great fun, resulting in lots of laughter, mostly as there were several hams in the room and because of the game's silliness factor.

After the game of Who?, the men retired to drink cognac or brandy, and the ladies with their liquers sat down to have a tarot card reading and a reading using special flower spirit cards, both in keeping with the spiritualism that was sop popular in Victorian times. It also worked very well with the Halloween timing.

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  1. How marvellously creative for Halloween. Love it.