Saturday, November 9, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #6

These are the take-away gifts that my guests received as they were leaving the party at the end of the night. Inside the Victorian cones was a combination of  "tricks and treats", tricks such as a plaster skull, sticky eyeballs, scary hands, a mouse and a spider; and yummy baked treats: meringues, almond crescents and madeleines. 

The loot was wrapped in black-and-white printed tissue paper in which was placed a layer of parchment paper. The cones had black ribbon handles.

The cones were made with black construction paper and reinforced at the seams by patterned contact paper in a suitable Victorian motif. On the black construction paper areas I glued images that I had photocopied from the 1901 Eaton's catalogue, cutting them out and placing the masculine items on the cones for the men and the ladies' items on those for my female guests. 

Here are some of the ladies' cones.

  And here is one for the men.

They were all a llittle different from each other.


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