Monday, November 11, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #8

After our aperitifs (a glass of sherry), the ladies were escorted to the table and the soup was served,  a medley of harvest vegetables with a dollop of sour cream.

The next was the seafood course, shrimp cocktail in a bed of greens. And for those who do not eat shrimp, there was an alternative, a Victorian-type prank... a shrimp-like substitute was served with a straight face, false teeth gummies. 

Turkey pot pie (called Blackbird pie for the occasion) was the main course, with haricots vert on the side. I made little bird prints across the top of each pie as if a blackbird had walked across the crust. A spring of rosemary, freshly cut from the garden adorned each.

To cleanse the palate, a small scoop of raspberry sorbet came next, garnished with a small meringue and chocolate spider. 

The raspberry sorbet was followed by the desserts: a Victorian sponge cake, battenburg cake, and gingerbread cake.  After which came tea and coffee, and a choice of meringue, madeleines, and almond crescents. The desserts and tea and coffee were followed by a cheese and biscuit plate (groans from the guests were audible as this was offered) and finally a selection of brandy, cognac and liqueurs. Wine and ice water were served throughout.

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