Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Victorian Dinner Party #3

The table was set with an ivory coloured tablecloth, and set for 12 with a coordinating mixture of two patterns of Royal Doulton fine china from England. One that belonged to my mother (the Tumbling Leaves pattern shown here) and one borrowed from M. I could not believe how seamlessly they worked together!

Luckily, I had 12 matching embroidered linen napkins that I had found a year ago at a church bazaar. 

The napkins were folded into the jaunty Romanesque fold and set on the side plates ready for guests' laps. 

Moss covered with glass domes, a black-sand hour glass, and creamy wee pumpkins all added to the feeling of Victoriana. 

The addition of a black grosgrain ribbon tied into a bow, with the addition of a pearl, around the stem of each wine glass was a sweet added touch.

This wonderful butter dish, loaned by R., looked creepily like a coffin.  And when opened by the tiny hands...

revealed butter pats for the dinner rolls.

These adorable tiny salt and pepper dishes also added a Victorian feel to the table setting. Thanks M. for loaning these, the glasses, and so many other things that helped to create the party's atmosphere.

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