Thursday, June 11, 2015

Look Up in NYC!

Remember to look up in New York City! That is a great piece of advice, otherwise you can miss a whole layer of what is right before you.  Take these lovely fellows for instance, they are looking down on us, mere mortals, from great heights. Now have a look at the photo below. They are almost imperceptible, as high as they are on the building (look towards the top at the right of the building to find them). Now why put them way up there where no one can see them? Perhaps to remind those of us walking on the ground below that we are very small and that forces much larger are keeping tabs on us.

There are no end of architectural details to be seen by looking up. 

These lions and human heads, for example, at the top of this building.

There are beautiful Corinthian columns on the New York Public Library... 

as well as lovely floral details.

Looking up inside the Library is just as rewarding.

So when you are in New York City...

remember to look up!

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