Friday, December 23, 2011

Last-Minute Decorating

Here are some ideas for quick and really easy last-minute decorating. Each of these ideas can be achieved in minutes, and hopefully you can find most of the materials around your home.

This natural looking design is achieved by using only plant material... whatever you can gather from your garden or by trimming bits from your Christmas tree. A few evergreen boughs, some pine cones, and then if you have them... some twig and moss balls. If you don't have either of these balls you can substitute something else, perhaps a few bare branches or some berries. Try to find a container that has a similar natural feel to it.

This arrangement also has a natural feel to it but is a little more colourful thanks to the addition of the red berries, and pine cones that have been painted white. The birch branches add another shot of white and the red is emphasized by using the red container.

The absolute easiest of the three options, is as simple as finding a glass container and adding some Christmas balls.

The tone is set by the colours you choose, either a festive mix that contrasts nicely, or by going for an elegant monochrome choice.

If you have different shapes and textures in your colour range, they can add additional interest to your display. Whatever you choose, it would be hard to come up with something easier than this almost instant but snazzy display.

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