Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Pomanders were used centuries ago to sweeten the air with the delicious scent of citrus and cloves. To make these lovely old-fashioned decorations, first pierce the skin with a skewer and then press a whole clove into the fruit's rind. You can experiment with various patterns. I have used oranges, clementines and lemons for variety.

If you would like to keep the fruit for years, cover the entire fruit in cloves and place in a bag with some orris root powder. Shake the fruit until it is evenly coated with the powder and remove. I have an orange that I made in this manner over ten years ago and it has dried beautifully. You can also give your pomanders a dusting of cinnamon powder for added scent.

Gathered in a bowl or hung by a ribbon, they are a traditional and natural way of adding festive touches to your Christmas decorating.

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