Sunday, December 18, 2011

Place Cards

Even when there are small numbers, having place cards as part of your table decor can elevate a dinner to an occasion. And what better time than at Christmas to take a few minutes to place a card with a person's name at each setting? It makes everyone feel just a little special.

There are endless ways to personalise each setting, some requiring a little more time and effort (like buying a small gift for each person and wrapping it), but some of these ideas take only minutes and can be done even at the last minute.

Cutting a slip of paper, writing on the person's name, and slipping it between the tips of a pinecone is fast and easy. If you wish, you can take the time to paint the tips of the cone or add a little glitter.

If you have access to a birch tree, select a branch that is about an inch in diameter and saw small segments into tiny logs. Cut a slot along the top, write your card in contrasting coloured paper, and slide the place card into the slot.

If you are baking, you can monogram an icing initial onto a cookie for each person as a delicious and ready-to-eat place card.

Three small candy canes can be used to support a name card.

Just tie them together with a ribbon to create a tiny stand.

Small Christmas balls can be pressed into service with ribbon threaded through the metal loop and tied in a bow to hold a place card in place.

Small fruits such as mandarine oranges become place card holders with the insertion of two old-fashioned hair pins.

Push the hair pins through the rind until only the loops are still visible, positioning one directly in front of the other. Then, simply guide the name card through the middle of the wire loops.


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