Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Up the Cosiness Factor

Add a little cosiness to your day by re-purposing an old sweater. Even if you are not crafty, these projects are easy to do. So turn a cast-off or second-hand sweater into a cosy hot water bottle cover, warm leggings, and a knit cover to keep your hot beverages warm.

Detach the sleeves to make instant leg warmers; or cut a piece from the bottom of the sleeve, hem one end and roll-up the other to make a drink warmer. Not only will it keep your drinks hot a little longer, but it will also protect your hands when you use a glass for hot beverages. Use the torso fo the hotwater bottle cover. Place a hotwater bottle into the sweater, positioning the neck of the bottle into the turtleneck. Measure and cut around the bottle allowing for seams. Turn the sweater inside out, sew up the seams at the sides and add velcro at bottom to slide the hotwater bottle in and out.

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