Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stay in Touch

When it's cold and gloomy oustside, we tend to spend more and more time indoors. To ease the isolation, stay in touch by writing a "real" letter to someone you care about. The recipient will be pleased and surprised to receive this thoughtful gift. If you know someone who is housebound, a letter can bring a much needed connection. Imagine their delight in knowing that you were thinking of them. It will make both of you feel good. So think about who you know who might really be touched by your efforts. Perhaps it's not someone who is housebound but who is feeling low or going through a rough patch. After all it is February!

The act of writing a letter can be a creative act in many ways and a means of expression, so gather together all your stationery. Choose what feels right for your mood or the recipient. If you have coloured pens and stickers, get them out too. Want to go the extra mile? Then seal the envelope with sealing wax and use pretty postage stamps to provide the finishing touch.

This thoughtful gesture is all the more meaningful in this age of e-mailing, when letters on paper are such a rare and uncommon pleasure.

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