Monday, February 7, 2011

Listen to the Sounds of Summer

It seems to me that part of the trouble with winter is not only that we are colour-deprived, but a lot of the sounds from nature are stifled in this season. That blanket of snow muffles a lot of what we normally hear, there are less birds about, no insects, no rainstorms. Out on a woodland trail it can be stunningly quiet.

So why not re-introduce some of those wonderful sounds from nature that we associate with the summer: rain, thunderstorms, ocean surf, and streams to name just a few. There are lots of recordings available of these evocative sounds. Take some time to relax and meditate. Lie down or take a bath while you listen to some of your favourite soothing, calming summer sounds from nature. Close your eyes and allow yourself to visualize the images to go with what you are hearing. Allow yourself to drift away to summer for awhile.

So what will it be? Birds and insects in a sunny meadow or the gurgling water of a fast-running stream?


  1. These ideas are lovely to read in cold dark February.
    I recently discovered the(unexpected) pleasure of pre-dawn walks with my dogs in the woods near my house. The blanket of snow lights up the woods well enough, all is hushed except for bits of birdsong, and the pooches run and run.

  2. Pre-dawn walks must be so lovely and peaceful. Sounds wonderful and a very pleasant way to begin your day.