Monday, February 28, 2011

De-clutter Your Space

Here we are at the last day in February! Today's idea could just as well have been the first idea at the start of the month, giving you 28 days to de-clutter a portion of your space a little each day.

But since we're starting a brand new month tomorrow, why not de-clutter a small area today, creating room in your life for March. If you don't have time to tackle a whole room, or even a closet, starting with a single junk drawer is just as good. The main thing is to begin. The sense of accomplishment you get from the results of even a small investment of your time will encourage you to turn to other areas of your space.

So, we say goodbye to February. I hope that some of the ideas I've shared with you have helped make the month pass more quickly and with less angst.

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