Friday, February 18, 2011

Savour a Pot of Homemade Soup

I arrived home today after work only to find that the electricity was out. With all my family at various activities, I let myself into the house and made my way through the dark to the kitchen where I discovered that my husband had left a collection of candles, flashlights and a kerosene lantern for me on the kitchen table. After lighting the lantern and a wide assortment of candles, I was delighted to find that there was homemade turkey vegetable soup waiting in a large pot for me. And even better it was still hot. My husband had it cooking on our gas stove, turning it off only when he left for a fitness session.

As I sat at the kitchen table eating the soup by the light of the candles and lantern I realized that it was too dark to allow me to read. It gave me a whole new appreciation for those who lived before the invention of electricity. Imagine how many activities had to be curtailed with the setting of the sun. No wonder people lived more in tune with the seasons, taking their cue from the changing light levels, going to bed earlier as the dark advanced and getting up earlier to take advantage of the light.

What a comfort it was to have that hot soup. Soup is one of my favourites at any time, but especially on winter days. And nothing beats homemade soup. There are countless great recipes out there for soup and it really is quite simple to cook up a pot. I hope that you'll enjoy some too this winter. Soup's on!


  1. What a precious moment. Thanks for sharing your soup story. Soup lover. M.A.

  2. Thanks for the comment M.A. I have enjoyed a bowl full of homemade soup in your kitchen many a time!