Sunday, February 6, 2011

Luxuriate in the Bath

On cold February afternoons or evenings enough can't be said for the merits of taking a long leisurely bath. Deliciously warm or steamy hot, it's your choice... but take the time to add a little atmosphere. Light some candles and add a little aromatherapy by adding fragrance to the water. The choices are endless: bath oils, a drop of your favourite perfume or essential oil, or go natural and drop a few lemon or orange slices into the water, perhaps some dried lavender or another herb. Whatever you find the most pleasant.

Lower the lights and enjoy the scented air. Close your eyes and let the day's tensions melt away. Hot baths are great for reducing achy stiff joints and sore muscles. They can soothe, relax, invigorate or refresh... a welcome antidote to the cold and monotony of February days.

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