Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Every End Is a Beginning

"Every end is a beginning." Tai Gong Diao, taoist sage

"The relationship between yin and yang produces a circular evolution in which every end is a beginning." Everything is constantly in the process of becoming its opposite: day into night, young into old, life into death.

In yoga class we were reflecting on the transformation of the seasons, of winter into spring. The strength of the sun is returning. We can feel a shift in energy. This is a joyful change for most of us. But even in the more difficult changes, such as happiness into sadness, one can find acceptance because eventually that sadness will pass once again into happiness. We can accept endings because they are also beginnings. Allow life to ebb and flow.

As the month of February ends, March begins. What is ending and what is beginning in your life?

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