Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lavender Water

What a beautiful colour this lavender water turned out to be. Lavender has been used throughout the centuries for cleaning and purifying, as anyone who has ever smelled the fresh scent of the blooms would be able to guess. This lavender water was made from this season’s first blooms. To learn a simple way of making lavender water, you can use the same method as I described in my Rose Water post of May 30, 2010. Besides all the lovely things you can do with the water, I’d want to make it just because it's so decorative when poured into a pretty container. But just to review, you can also use it to spray on linens, sheets, curtains, clothes or anything else you'd like to be ever so-lightly scented. Put into a spray bottle you can mist your hair with it or your face to refresh on a hot summer's day. Or wash your face in it at the end of a long day to cleanse and restore your spirits. The uses of lavender are endless. Stay tuned for more ideas over the coming days!


  1. Is this lavender water, made similar to your rose water below?

  2. Great suggestion! Must gather my own profuse lavender blooms and do the same. Garage sales are often good places to pick up bottles no one wants. (If they could see how easy it is to create personal gifts like these, they might not part with them!)

  3. Hi
    How Beautiful.
    Would it help to use distilled water to delay the bacteria growth?