Friday, June 4, 2010

Potted Table Top

I was looking at this large pot under my carport, thinking that I really didn’t want to plant it with flowers as I have so many other pots still to fill. The thought hit me that perhaps I could turn it into a side table to put drinks and snacks on next to our lounge chairs. I ran into the house to pull a round glass table top I had stored in the coat closet then back out to try it on top of the pot. It fit perfectly, and I mean as if it had been cut for the job. I added a little soil to the pot and planted a couple of small ferns from my ever-growing supply, watered it and then closed it off with the glass. I added a couple of rocks to weight the whole thing down and voilà — an instant terrarium/side table. The final thing I did was paint the pot black to coordinate with the lounge chairs and planters already there.


  1. Clever idea about the pot. Love the Mung Men and their expressions. You have fun don't you?