Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nature's Palette

No matter how often I remind myself to enjoy the season, to keep my eyes open and stay in the moment, I often do forget to take everything in. I almost did it again. I planted an iris last year and therefore have never really seen it in bloom. I looked out my bedroom window and realized that this particular iris had been blooming for the past week without me stopping to really study it. And now there was only one bloom left, the very last bloom of the season on this particular iris. I almost missed it! So I ran out with my camera before leaving for work to photograph it, the morning sun just catching the tip of some of its petals. It has such an unusual mix of colours... the faded dusty shade of pinky lavender of the bloom, along with the bright orange caterpillar-like beard. The two colours should clash horribly, but somehow they look just fine, beautiful in fact. Nature is a skilled artist, blending colours that either harmonize or contrast in the best possible ways.

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