Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rose Water

Rose water ... a delectable beautifully scented liquid made from the petals of fragrant roses. Used widely in cooking in places such as India and the Middle East to make exotic treats, it may have originated from Persia.

I like to make my own version that I use, not for cooking, but for scenting bath water, as a face wash or to scent linens. Poured into a spray bottle you can use it to spray on yourself to revive your spirits or lightly scent your hair. You can use a fine mist on your linens, sheets and pillow cases to lull you to sleep as the scent of roses helps with stress, to relax and calm the nerves.

My method for making rose water is quick and easy but it is important to remember that it should be kept refrigerated and will last for less than a week. There are no preservatives in it so the water will grow bacteria if kept too long. But it is so easy to make that you can quickly produce a fresh batch as needed, as long as your roses are in bloom. I used petals from a “Cabot” variety from the Explorer series, but the dark pink very fragrant wild roses seem to yield the best results, both for their colour and heady aroma.

1. Gather a bunch of fragrant roses.
2. Remove the petals and place in a glass or metal bowl.
3. Pour boiling water over the petals. You will notice that the colour immediately bleaches from the petals.
4. Let steep until the water has cooled.
5. Strain into an airtight jar or bottle.
6. Refrigerate between uses. Keep for up to 1 week , less if you notice any discolouration or bacteria growth.

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  1. thank you for sharing this... my girls love making 'perfume' from flower petals. i shall show them this so they can make some rose water.
    ginny x