Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reading the Leaves

It was a very cold damp Mother's Day but I took the chill off with numerous cups of tea throughout the day, including the tea I drank for a tea leaf reading session at the Billings Estate.
Tea leaf reading was a form of fortune telling that was a favourite Victorian parlour pastime. Anything Victorian is of interest to the Billings Estate Museum and today the planned events included a Victorian tea, tea leaf readings and a Victorain fashion show. Not one to pass up the chance for a little Victorian fun, I wandered up to the library for a reading. And what did my tea leaves reveal? A wide variety of predictions including a night time sighting of an unusual animal, a connection to Egypt, a new small creature to be added to our household, a trip near water, the beginning or ending of a project to do with contstruction or gardening, and the arrival in about three months of a grumpy relative who tends to put a damper on things.

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