Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rescue Mission

While gathering flat rocks from the garden of a friend of mine to complete a little corner in my backyard, I noticed this wee table under a tree towards the back of her garden. “Why is that table out in the elements?” I asked, “Are you hoping the paint will peel off?”

To which she replied that no, she wasn’t trying to do anything with it. She had just left it out there and did I want it? Well, you can imagine my response. Already I was thinking of all the possibilities of how one could use a little table like that! So, after I’d loaded up the back of the van with layers and layers of flat rocks and a few pots of various ground cover, I spread a garbage bag across the back seat and placed the table upside down, securing it with seat belts before heading on my way.

Once home, I placed it on the patio in our backyard to give it a closer look and beamed at my treasure. It seems a shame to have to scrape away all the peeling paint because it is a very pretty shade of green. What I didn’t realize when I saw it in the woody area of my friend’s garden (because the legs were stuck in the earth) is that the bottom portion of the legs have already started to rot away and though you wouldn’t know it from the photos, it is leaning very badly to the right. I will have to cut the bottoms of the legs a little to even everything out.

The weather has done quite a lot of damage, so I am hoping that with some work I will be able to rescue it. Restoring it for use wil be such a fun project. Stay tuned for the results!

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  1. Oooooh, what a lovely treasure. Looks grateful to be rescued.