Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the Style of Dottie Angel

No more flowers today. Thought at least some of you might enjoy a creative project around about now. It’s been awhile since the last one. This project was inspired by the unique and wonderfully quirky style of blogger, Tif Fussell, a.k.a. dottie angel. If you haven’t yet discovered her delightful blog and refreshingly different take on vintage, then be sure to check out

When I found this very plain wall-flower of an apron at the local Nearly New for 50 cents, I immediately thought that it was screaming for a makeover in the dottie angel style. Poor thing had probably been languishing in the corner for ages because, really, who would have noticed it, looking as washed out as it did? Time for an intervention! As I have drawers of vintage lace at home and a tin of old buttons just waiting for projects such as this one, I brought the apron home with me and couldn’t wait to begin the transformation.

And here is the result, a little bit of lace here, a little lace there, some buttons for accents, a snippet of vintage material to brighten it up a little, a crochet doily to add some interest, and voilà... my Plain Jane apron has been madeover. I think it still needs some work... stay tuned. And in the meantime have a look at dottie angel's designs who does this sort of thing superbly!

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