Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nocochi Cafe

After shopping on Sainte Catherine Street and a quick stop at the Museum of Fine Arts, it was time to rest and rejuvenate over a cup of chai tea at Nocochi Cafe on MacKay Street at Sherbrooke Street. But what was under the teacup?

One of Nocochi Cafe's tiny cookies! Which as you can see, is as small as a teaspoon.

The owner, Shahnaz Bagherzadeh, is Iranian and her traditional Persian desserts are marketed around the world. All these wee delights are of such a diminutive size, they are ideal for sampling. Beautifully arranged in a glass case directly in front as you come through the door, they beckon with temptation ... marzipan, turkish delight, endless varieties of cookies and pastries flavoured with spices, fruits, flowers, nuts and chocolate.

Gleaming bright white walls provide a blank canvas for the deep pink of the chairs' upholstery and...

the pretty prints on the cushions that line the benches along the walls.

Nocochi Cafe is located at 2156 Mackay Street in Montreal.

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