Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cocoa Locale Revisted

What better way to begin a visit to Montreal than at the wonderful cake shop, Cocoa Locale. It is such a delightful little place, filled with a retro vibe. Just look at all the pretty little details that make up the whole.

But in the end it's all about the cake. And the cake is so good you have to arrive at Cocoa Locale's fairly soon after opening time since they sell out quickly. Once the cakes are gone, that's it... they are closed for the day. Knowing this sad fact only too well from my very first visit, I made sure I arrived at three minutes before noon yesterday, which is when owner and baker Reema Singh opens the store on Saturdays.

I ended up selecting four cakes to take home: vanilla orange, and chocolate lavender (which I'll show you another day because they are now in my freezer), and my personal favourite...

chocolate chai...

as well as a seasonal choice, pumpkin.

If you want to try the cakes at Cocoa Locale, you'll find the shop at 4807 Park Avenue, Montreal.

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