Monday, October 24, 2011

Laurier Gordon Ramsay

Count me in with countless others who were brought up with dinners at Laurier BBQ in Montreal. An institution for over 75 years, our family often stopped there for dinner on a Sunday night after visiting my grandmother, throughout the 60's. The quarter breast of chicken with fries, coleslaw and sauce along with mocca cake for dessert was my staple.

So it was with interest that we learned that this Outremont landmark had re-opened in August after celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, had taken it under his wing (no pun intended).

Since we were already in the neighbourhood, after picking up our cakes at Cocoa Locale, we decided to give Laurier Gordon Ramsay a try for lunch.

Redecorated inside with distressed white walls and a combination of genuine antiques and reproductions, the decor is light and bright and has a cosy warmth, if a bit on the "chain design" side. Some of the distressed bits and pieces look a little like the stuff you find in Winners and HomeSense. But we weren't there for the decor... it was for the food.

The menu retains some of the old favourites: the rotisserie chicken, coleslaw, fries and sauce. And some of the old desserts such as the mocca cake,carrot cake and Hello Dolly squares remain.

The new menu...

On the new side, the water is flavoured with cucumber slices, a unique touch. Jars of pickles adorn each table for you to help yourself to while you wait.

My old quarter breast of chicken, with coleslaw, fries and sauce.

Followed by my old favourite mocca cake for dessert.

The new decor with light fixtures from an old arena...

and the original washroom signs, if I'm not mistaken... after all, my sister and I did spend a lot of time as children exploring the ladies washroom.

I won't critique the food as there are lots of online reviews to consult, except to say that while it was a pleasant dining experience with friendly waiting staff and big in nostalgia... the chicken plate I had was nothing special. Perhaps the new additions to the menu are better. If you're curious to frequent a Gordon Ramsay establishment or feel compelled to relive a piece of your childhood, then give Laurier Gordon Ramsay a try at 381 Laurier Avenue West, Outremont in Montreal.

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