Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gift Wrapping Has Begun

Finally getting some of my wrapping done. These gifts are all destined for the same friend so variations on a theme were used. I began by choosing the wrapping paper. Once that was decided, I pulled out my collection of ribbons and strings, all sorted by colour, so that I could see what would work with the paper. This time, I also made use of some natural and green-coloured jute. As an added touch, I decided to use the mini pinecones because they worked well with the natural feel of the paper. Instead of using tape, I glued the paper down making the package look a lot neater at the seams. To keep the gifts all together, I re-used a paper bag, covering up the store's name with a rectangle of my wrapping paper. Before glueing it on, I punched two holes and threaded a length of the green jute through to secure the pinecones. You could also use some dried flowers, a small branch, holly or other berries. A small ornament would work too.

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