Sunday, December 12, 2010

Second Annual Swag-making Afternoon

Yesterday I played host to a swag-making afternoon. This is the second year I've invited friends over to make holiday swags for their doorways, so I can now say it's an annual event. I had gathered together all sorts of ribbon, ornaments and dried plant material in anticipation and there was more than enough to go round, so I made one for a friend who was away and then hung it at her doorway so that it will waiting to welcome and surprise her upon her return (top photo). The swag looks right at home against the softly worn bricks and her beautiful old wooden door. The middle swag is the one I made for my shed door, and the bottom one is the lovely creation of L. who just happens to live across the street from me. Delighted to see her swag up this morning, I ran over to take a snap of it in all its golden elegance. These swags stay fresh all winter, long after the holidays have faded away, and add a little visual interest to your front entrance, or wherever you choose to hang them.

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  1. Beautiful! Got leftover supplies? Want to have a visitor? ;) Awesome and inspiring. -JF