Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Evergreen Garland

After my swag event, I was left with a small pile of cut boughs so I thought I would try making a garland with some of them. I overlapped each bough and tied it with some jute, then decorated the length with an assortment of dried natural materials, such as twig balls, pinecones and orange-coloured pods and berries. I also used some of the teapot cookies I made back in September when I was taking a course on Asian teas. I poked a hole in each cookie with a skewer, then threaded each cookie with some jute to tie it to the garland. I think the garland looks terrific hanging vertically, but would look just as nice hung horizontally over a window or door fram or from a mantle. I think I will offer this other version of a swag to my guests at next year's swag-making event.

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