Sunday, August 2, 2015

Driftwood Votive - a creative project

Ever since a friend of mine described a serene sea-themed bedroom project that she was planning, I have had in mind the idea to make a driftwood votive for her newly painted dresser. The first step was to buy a glass container (mine came from a thrift shop), then to find driftwood pieces with similar diameters down by the beach.

After giving them a good washing and time to dry completely, I selected the ones I wanted to use and cut them to length.  I had decided that I wanted some of the glass to show at the top.

Using a rubber band to keep the sticks in place, I placed the sticks around the outside of the jar, choosing each one to fit well next to the other. Once all were in place I carefully applied a small amount of glue between each stick, at the points where one stick touched the other. Don't worry about too much glue, you can use a toothpick to smooth away the excess glue. Choose a glue that is suitable for wood and that dries clear. I used two bands during the gluing process and kept the rubber bands in place until the glue was completely dry.

Once dry, I removed the rubber bands and carefully lifted the glass out of the driftwood ring.  I then cut a ribbon and glued it to the driftwood on the inside of the circle.  It is better to glue a ribbon towards the top of the sticks and another at the bottom.  This will reinforce the ring, should some of the glue between the sticks come apart.

Once the ribbons are securely glued to the sticks, gently place the glass jar inside the ring. The driftwood votive is now ready for a candle.

You can also use the driftwood votive as a vase, or as a container for any other number of things!

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