Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trellis Facelift - a creative project

These look like wrought-iron trellises but actually they are metal decorative panels that I painted. A friend spied the two panels in her neighbours trash and rescued them for me, knowing that I might like to do something with them. 

They were a yellow creamy colour before the transformation.

They were discoloured and had rusted in several places. 

I used a matte charcoal coloured paint that I had left over from another project and painted them completely. Using a small brush like the one in the photo and an even smaller brush to get into all the tricky little places, it was a slightly tedious process, but worth the effort.

I left them to dry leaning against a tree and then placed them in the garden in a spot where the panels create a view looking through them. I may eventually use them as a trellis to support a flowing vine of some kind.

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