Thursday, February 16, 2012

Second-hand Arrangement

The alstroemeria I blogged about on February 5th really are as long lasting as I said they were. They are only just now starting to fade. In order to get the very last mileage out of them before they head to the recycle bin, I decided to create an arrangement with some of them. I gathered some things that I already had around the house: the dried bittersweet from Christmas, some driftwood, a small vase that comes with its own frog to keep the flowers upright and of course, a few alstroemeria blooms.

Combining these few things and considering their placement carefully, I finished by setting the tiny black vase atop the flat driftwood.

The end result was an arrangement with an Ikebana feel to it. I love that there are no straight lines to be found in it. I think it's lovely in its simplicity.

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