Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Hyacinthes

These hyacinthes, bought at the grocery store, were crammed all together in one pot. Since I wanted to pot them individually, I uprooted them and cleared the soil away by running their roots under the kitchen tap. Each one was then placed in its own glass vase, with a few pebbles at the bottom and just enough water to reach the bottom of the bulb. They don't require soil to grow since all the nutrients are stored in the bulb. Once they have stopped blooming there will be no messy dirt to have to clean up, which is a plus.

I think they look lovely, even though the label promised that they would be blue. They are not pink, but rather a sort of pinky mauve shade, somewhere in-between blue and pink. The scent is quite strong and permeates the air in whichever room they are in. Makes me think I am in a florist's shop.

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