Monday, January 31, 2011

The Unravelling

Tomorrow's the first day of February, so you could be forgiven if you feel as though you're becoming a little unravelled, perhaps a little frayed around the edges. The February blues didn't get their name without good reason. For many, February is a most difficult month to get through. Some February's are tougher than others and I've certainly had my share. February's where I've wanted to pack it all in, to stay in bed and draw the covers over my head and wait until spring to venture forth.

So, I am setting out to post a simple idea each day for the whole month of February that will help in a small way to get us through this most tiresome of months. I happen to live in a place where February means winter, that season of cold and ice and snow and short days. So my suggestions are aimed to combat that dreary reality. Hopefully some of these ideas may help you too. If you've found other ways to make getting through February a little easier, then please let me know. It's February tomorrow so beware, and take care!

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