Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating Fitness to Live By

With January well underway, my fitness routine is starting to shape itself as I attempt to create a regime that will not only bring the desired results, but will also be one that I can keep up and hopefully even enjoy. I have found that seting a task for yourself that is pure misery is a sure recipe for failure.

With this in mind, I have been trying a number of different classes before committing to them. It looks like I'll be taking a pilates/yoga class, a dance mix class, and a class that involves using a stability ball. I'll also do weights, stretching and cardio at home in between. And little things like taking the stairs (10 floors) at work, drinking more water and getting up from my desk more often during the day will all combine to provide improvements that will be noticeable over time. That's the plan anyway.

While waiting for the stability ball class to begin today, I snapped some shots in the fitness room because the colours and textures seemed photo worthy.

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