Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Blahs to Bliss

Now that the winter has established a firm toehold, I was even happier that I had registered for a yoga workshop called The Art of Blissful Being: Transforming Winter Blahs to Peace Filled Aahhs!
Two hours of deep breathing, relaxation, stretching and gentle yoga poses and there was a whole lot more bliss in the room than when we arrived this afternoon with our yoga mats rolled up under our arms. One of the suggestions that Monica, our instructor, had for us was to write down 5 things that we are grateful for, every day, for the next 40 days. She even supplied the cutest pudgy notebooks to record our gratitude in.
Here are my first 5 things:
1. a husband who cooks (delicious meals I might add)
2. a warm cozy house despite the cold temperatures outside
3. inspiration for creative projects that bring me joy
4. my digital camera that makes taking photographs so convenient
5. an endless variety of foods at the grocery store even in the winter months.

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