Saturday, October 2, 2010

Orange You Blue?

It all started last spring when I admired a wall in friend D.'s home (photo at top of this post). There was an orange lamp that made the wall, painted a beautiful shade of blue, pop! Or perhaps it was the other way around, the blue wall made the orange lamp pop. In any case... next thing I knew I was bowled over with a photograph of King Tut's pendant from the book Life and Death of a Pharaoh: Tutankhamen by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt. I was struck once again by how striking these two colours are together. Shortly after that M. surprised me with a card for my birthday that contained the same colours. It seemed like I was being bombarded with this really attractive colour combination. So it wasn't surprising when I was shopping for sweaters for my youngest today and I came across this one from Italy. I wondered why we don't see more rooms decorated in these colours. Sure enough, as I flipped through the October 2010 issue of Style at Home magazine this evening, on p. 89 there it was... a gorgeous vignette using a blue table and artwork in these colours (last photo).

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