Monday, October 4, 2010

A Gift for Me

Something quite wonderful happened today. I was at my morning bus stop rather later than usual, waiting for the bus to take me to work, and two buses in a row went past without stopping because they were packed full. Nothing unusual about that. After a time a third bus arrived and I noticed that there were only a few spots left to stand, up near the driver. I was one of the fortunate ones who managed to get on. As I turned and glanced out the window I noticed a young woman pleading with the driver to let her on but he said he could not as the bus was filled to capacity and closed the door. It was obvious from the look of distress on her face and her body language that this was very upsetting for her. There was something about the expression on that face. I asked the bus driver to let me out so she could have my place, which he did. The young woman couldn’t believe what was happening and was very grateful, offering me thanks as she hopped aboard. The bus closed its doors and was off. It was such a tiny act on my part but it made me smile all the way to work because it had seemingly made such a difference to this young lady.

That would normally be the end of the story, but as it happened, I was standing at my stop waiting to catch my bus home that same day when a young woman approached asking if this was the Albert and Bay stop. I answered in the affirmative. She thanked me, looked a little closer then gasped “You’re the woman from this morning, and now you’re helping me again!” She then proceeded to lavish me with thanks and compliments concerning my kindness and generosity going as far as to call me her angel. I indeed had made a huge difference. She was late for an exam but had made it on time. She continued to thank me and tell me how wonderful I was, how everyone on the bus had thought I was wonderful, how she had texted her friend to tell her how wonderful I was, and this stream of gratitude continued until her bus arrived and took her on her way. It was so great to confirm that my reading of her distress and then relief and thankfulness had been very real. And I felt wonderful all over again. What a lot of joy I received from doing something so small for someone else and that... was a gift for me.

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