Sunday, July 18, 2010

Westport Residents

For a change of scenery we took a short car trip to the small town of Westport today. It is a sweet wee place with a few intersecting streets lined with small businesses. These streets have that small-town feel and offer a variety of shops that invite visitors to stroll around, stopping in for a coffee here and a fresh baked goodie there, maybe an ice cream cone or some homemade fudge. And if you’re interested in art, jewellery, crafts, fashion or furntiure you'll spot those shops here too. Eventually you will find your way down to the harbor. Westport is located at the west end of the Upper Rideau Lake, at the head of the Rideau Canal. The harbor is a very picturesque spot, in close proximity to a spotless ladies public washroom where for $2.00 you can have a 6-minute shower (obviously provided for the many boat owners who dock at the public wharf.) Spotless washrooms are always appreciated when you're out for the day! There were three charming residents down by the wharf when we visited. And they obligingly posed for me by the most photogenic old shed in a lovely shade of blue.


  1. Just love it. So reminiscent of something illusive.