Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coral Coziness

Every now and then you find something that stands out from the rest. I felt this way when I was picking through a rack of throws, some hand-knit and others crocheted. Most of the time the throws one finds at thrift shops have colour combinations that make it seem that whoever made it was using up whatever they had around, making for some loud and discordant results. Other times, the colours may be harmonious but the throw has obviously had a lot of wear. Happily, neither of these were the case with my find of the week. The throw’s coral colour drew me immediately, but my heart rejoiced when I saw the lovely knit pattern and the pleasant discovery that the throw was in such good shape.

Just look how pretty the leaf pattern is. It wasn’t until I was photographing it that I noticed that the other side had an equally lovely ripple pattern. And I know that it is going to look great draped at the end of the new duvet cover that I am finally going to get around to sewing one of these days. What better motivation could there be to get that project underway than this lovely new find? And do you know what? All this lovely handiwork was priced at only $5.99.

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