Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tea Magic

This strange looking dried plant is actually a tea bud. I had bought a couple of them at a shop that carries all sorts of loose teas many months ago and since then it has sat in my kitchen cupboard, waiting I suppose, for some momentous occasion to try it. Well, tea in the garden on a lovely sunny summer’s day is occasion enough so out came one of the buds and the teapot and on went the water to boil. Once the hot water hit the bud the most amazing thing occured, the bud unfolded and various flowers began to bloom. It rather reminded me of those shells we had as kids that once you dropped into water would open and a paper flower would emerge. This particular bud is called Tiffany Rose Melody and the tea did have a delicate rose scent. Quite magical. This would be great for a tea party!

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