Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lunch Menu: Snow Squall

A snow squall was served up at lunch today, though my lunchtime walk began with sunshine. I snapped a few pics of a church that I often pass on my way to the coffee shop. About 10-15 minutes later a sudden snow squall came up. The sky darkened and the snow whipped past horizontally, greatly reducing visibility. Happily, I was seated in a comfy chair with a latte looking out the winter by this time. A short while later, the squall spent, I ventured forth once more, passing by the church on the corner again.

Surely the choice of paint colour on the church doors was intentional. It matches exactly the colour on the stones where rain dripping from the copper roof has discoloured it. (You can compare the colours by looking at the stone steps under the door.) And when the lovely large doors are opened they are held back with these large rusty old hooks. They look hand forged. You can tell by the dusting of snow which shots I took before the squall hit and which I took after.

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