Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Treasures from the Vintage Sale

After talking yesterday about this year's Chateau Laurier Vintage Sale, I thought I would share my finds with you.

I have picked up and looked at this Christmas ornament from the '20s or '30s for at least three years now. The vendor keeps bringing it along every year and I keep wondering whether I should buy it. I am always attracted to it because it reminds me of a similar ornament that had been on my father's family tree and he was born in 1918. It had similar coiled wire but the ornament was a copper colour and had a slightly different shape. At some point it was dropped and broken and I still feel a pang when I think of it.

So this year I decided that perhaps instead of gazing at it and thinking about purchasing it, I should actually do so. Because I knew that the vendor has been lugging it to these sales for years, I asked if this was her best price and was rewarded with a $3 reduction. While $17 dollars may seem like a lot of money to spend, I realised that I could easily spend almost that on some mass-manufactured ornament for sale in a chain store, and after all, this particular ornament is a survivor. Likely most of the others like this one suffered the same sad fate that our family's copper ornament did.

I am so glad that I brought it home with me this year.

After deciding to splurge on my vintage ornament, I came across a vendor who had a bowl of old fountain pens for sale. I rooted around and came up with this one which I think is quite handsome. I don't know if I will find cartridges for it but I can always just dip the nib into an ink bottle if need be. It has a beautiful fine nib and was a lovely find for $10.

And last but not least, I chose these four hankerchiefs from a basket marked $2 each.

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