Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cozy Vintage Blankets

What a chilly day it turned out to be, after all the lovely mild weather we've been having. It was so cold outside that my thoughts went straight to curling up with a good book, covered with a warm woolen blanket. I rushed to our linen closet and pulled out my stock of old vintage blankets that I have been able to pick up at thrift shops for a fraction of the price one would pay for a brand new 100% woolen blanket.

The colours are so appealing and I love the ones with the striped borders. They are all soft, broken in by countless washings.

Two of them are Canadian made.

And two are from England.

But any one of them will provide cozy comfort all winter long, as I curl up in an armchair on a weekend afternoon to read a good book.

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