Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fresh Find

I consider thrifting a creative pursuit. I say this because when you encounter someone’s castoff it takes a creative mind to consider how it might be repurposed, improved or transformed. It’s this looking at something in a different way that is where the creativity comes into it. Sometimes the solution is simple and easy, other times the change takes lots of time and effort.

This latest thrift shop find falls into the former category. This wee wooden child’s chair was tucked into a corner of a local Sally Ann among children’s toys. When I saw the bright orange paint my heart leaped. So absolutely scrumptious. My brain went into overdrive, what could I do with this tiny chair? And then it hit me. It is such a Halloween colour, why not use it somehow in a Halloween display? But wait, before I got too excited it would be prudent to have a look at the price tag, after all this was not something that would likely become a permanent fixture in my home. Happily, the pricing person had been kind... only $4.99. I was so going to buy and use it! I must admit I was quite giddy at the thought! And seeing as there is still quite a stretch of time before Halloween, I decided that I would press it into service in an autumnal display for now. How simple was it to give it a good scrubbing and fill the seat with a potted mum? I will probably add pumpkins and gourds to the mix as I come across them in the coming days.

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