Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reflections on Summer

My goodness, I have finally stopped long enough to realize that we’re in September already. Now how did that happen without my knowing? September is my favourite month. For one thing there is that whole nostalgic back-to-school feeling that lies beneath the surface as I sense the days shortening and the mornings getting a little nippy. I have experienced that shopping for school supplies rush firsthand again this year as both boys are still in school, albeit high school and this year... university. No matter how many years go by since I was enrolled in school, I still love the feeling of new beginnings, of the possibilities that a new school year brings.

It may have taken me all this time, but happily the epiphany was reached while there was still summer left on the calendar. With fall not scheduled until September 22 this year, lovely sunny summer days lie ahead to enjoy. So I’m grateful that my awareness has come in time to step back and be conscious of these last days of summer. I hope you will take a moment each day to find the pleasure in the warmth of the sun above and the grouond below your feet and of course that warmth that comes from all the lively sights and sounds of this spirited if sometimes lazy season.

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